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sabga physio foot pain reliefRecent Foot Injury

Fractures to the fourth and fifth metatarsal are the most common, and typically do not require surgery.
Patients usually present themselves in pain, following a sprain or after a fall or jump. Motorcycle or car accidents are also frequently responsible for these kinds of injuries. Common courses of treatment involve immobilising the foot with a cast for around 30 days, after which significant muscle atrophy in the leg will be evident.
Again, x-rays are extremely important for diagnosis. The rehabilitation programme will start with very light load and progress steadily until crutches are no longer needed. Before rehabilitation on the field can begin, the patient must have a full range of motion, fluidity, proprioception and good muscular strength in the lower limb.
If osteosynthesis techniques have been used, the rehabilitation programme does not change significantly, however loading exercises may begin sooner, decreasing the overall length of the process.

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