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Sabga Hallux valgus post op

Post Surgical Therapy

This is an “acquired deformity” of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe.
A month after the corrective surgery, you will usually be asked to wear a wedge-shaped shoe that allows the leaning on the heel (Talus shoe). Then, you will be able to start the rehabilitation process.
Pain will be relevant throughout the first phases after surgery, especially when some pressure acts on the scar or even without (at night in particular) and swelling will affect the forefoot as well.
Rehabilitation averages twenty sessions performed in alternating days.
You will start with physical therapies to reduce pain and swelling, lymphatic drainage and foot massage;  then, joint mobilisation of the ankle and great toe and gradual reinforcement of the foot, leg and thigh muscles, preparatory exercises for walking and gradual abandonment of crutches.

For any post surgical foot therapies and rehabilitation, including braces, contact us for an assessment