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Wrist surgery


The syndrome is definitely more common in pregnant women and it is usually bilateral.

The hormonal factor plays a crucial role in the appearance of the pathology, even if it has not been totally clarified. This explains the major recurrence of symptoms during pregnancy and menopause.

Symptoms are characterised by night tingling joined by a sensation of numbness involving the first four fingers. secondarily, pain is usually present and it tends to worsen with movement, becoming a generally diurnal problem.
Diagnosis of this disorder is based on specific clinical tests backed up by an electromyography (EMG) test to confirm the extent of the nerve degeneration. Other tests, such as blood tests, X-rays and CT scans may be useful in cases of secondary forms of the pathology.
Prognosis are generally positive and lead to the total absence of sensory disturbances in its primary forms.

The treatment of the primary forms is initially conservative and based on the application of physical therapies (ultrasounds and laser therapy), on the reinforcement of muscular groups with deficits and on exercises leading to the recovery of fine co-ordination. In its more resistant forms, it is necessary to opt for the surgical solution.




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