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man-back-injury-rcChronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is a catch-all term that can refer to a wide variety of conditions, from the degeneration of intervertebral discs, to sciatica  as well as other conditions affecting the intervertebral discs and their inner nucleus.

Due to the complexities of these conditions, they are often hard to diagnose and harder to treat. However, our physiotherapists are well-trained to treat chronic back pain. 

Patients should be aware that curing lingering pain like this can be a lengthy process in itself. We will take the time to explain the nature of your condition.

At CARE Institute/Sabga Physiotherapy we will assess your condition and provide you with an individualized treatment programme possibly comprising of pain relieving modalities, spinal decompression,acupuncture and a graduated exercise programme.




For any of these conditions, contact us for an assessment